PDX Strip Club Tour

Erica’s back! You might remember her from previous adventures, such as: “Nipples Against Trump” and “The Ladd 500.” We met through Couchsurfing, when she visited from Japan for the first time, in November of 2016. I was her host and we had so much fun, she extended her stay! Then, a few months later, she visited again. Now she’s back for a third time, before transferring to grad school in Vancouver BC.

Imagine my surprise when I learned, she’d never been to a strip club. Having grown up in the U.S. capitol of stripping, to me it was obvious what we had to do: a PDX strip club marathon. I was originally going to make written notes, but on second thought realized I’m not quite a big enough goober to take paper and pen on a strip club tour. Nope, instead I brought video. Of course we couldn’t shoot inside any of the locations, but we did learn a few important things along the way…

Behold, the Audreality Strip Club Tour of Portland!

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