Swiss Miss Adventure

In February of 2014, I went to Switzerland on my last (ever) MissTravel date. The man said he “worked to save Endangered Species and support the villagers who live among them.” Sounds great right?! This is how I learned about Conservation 2.0, the way some of the world’s wealthiest hunters attempt to justify their slaughtering of endangered animals. Wayne explained his belief about sacrificing few to save many in no uncertain terms: “Trophy sports hunters can serve an important role in conserving endangered species by hunting them.”

There must be a better way. How about massive fines for anyone who hunts Endangered Species, enables these hunts, and whoever possesses one of the brutally murdered carcasses? Starting with Wayne C. W. Lau, who brought me to Switzerland and bragged about often having to take the “kill shot” himself, “because the actual hunters are kinda chicken.”

Featuring two original songs, “Got Something Good in Her,” and “What What You Do,” by my dad, Del Goldfarb.

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