Cheese Intervention

It takes a brave soul to look a cheese monster in the eye and say, “Woah, you eat a shit-load of cheese.”

That’s what happened when my seester, Erica, unexpectedly changed my life forever.

We met almost two years ago, via Couchsurfing. (I’ve had countless Couchsurfing success stories, but this is one of the greatest.) Erica came from Japan. The first visit was so much fun, Erica decided to extend the trip. We rode bikes all over Portland and just had the best time together. By the end of it, we were seesters.

The second visit was in spring of 2017. We outdid ourselves, with even more fun! Erica was part of the family now, welcome to come and go as they pleased. It was understood that Erica would live here eventually.


Six months passed in a flash, and Erica was back for a third visit. A whole month! This time, on their way to grad school in Vancouver BC. Once again, we got pretty darn silly. It was during this last fateful visit, that my seester decided to have a serious talk with me. We were in the kitchen, and I was having a small plate of white rice for breakfast, topped with cheese.

“Audrey, you eat SO MUCH cheese.”

Turns out, Erica was uniquely positioned to observe my ridiculous cheese habit. She saw me eat cheese every day. With every meal. And all the snacks in-between! Also, Erica knew that I struggled with my skin. Somehow I never grew out of being a hormonal teenager? Anywhoo, Erica pointed out that cheese (and lactose in general) can be associated with skin problems.

That was it. I call it my Cheese Intervention. Soon as I was done with my cheesy rice, I quit dairy. The results were almost instantaneous. Within a week, my skin got better! Like, a lot. I’ve since coined a few more useful terms: “cheezits” happen when I have a “cheese-lapse” because, it turns out, I’m a “cheese monster.”

Moral of this Couchsurfing success story: Erica is the BEST! And you may want to cut your dairy intake, especially if you’re a cheese monster, like me.

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