10-Day Challenge Super Series

Had to be up for work at 4am Wednesday, so figured I should spend the Tuesday exhausting myself and go to bed early, in order to wake up on time. That’s when I decided, my self-prescribed behavior modification therapy starts NOW. Introducing the 10-Day Challenge Super Series!

First, I came up with a list of eight things that I’d like to do more (or less) of:

  1. Dumbbells: 3 sets of a variety of arm exercises (curls, side press, front raise, tricep press, overhead press, front press, front lift, shrugs)
  2. Run at Least 30 Minutes
  3. Write for an Hour
  4. Go Meatless
  5. 100 pushups/incline pushups
  6. No Facebook
  7. No Booze
  8. No Weed

Given one day of break between each challenge, this Super Series will take until the end of July to complete. I’ll make regular updates here, because it seems like this is an easy/obvious way to hold myself accountable. Also, since I love making up games, I’ve decided to assign points for accomplishing as many of these goals as possible in one day. For example, yesterday I ran and did my pushups & arm exercises… 3 points! Today I ran the same course (adding a half mile to check out the sunset), did 100 pushups, and wrote for over an hour. Managed to knock out those arm exercises before bed (4 points!) and didn’t even go out for a beer after, which means Thursday was 5 points! If I earn all 8 points in one day, I get a gold star. Wait – screw that! Let’s call it a GOAL’D STAR.

Trying to figure out what my reward should be if I get a certain number of stars. Gonna how long it takes to get one before I decide.

On that note, who wants to work out?! Below is a detailed map and description of my Mt. Tabor Stations Routine:

Day One (& Two): Tabor Stations

Tabor Workout Key

Run #1: 5 min

Station 1) 2 sets: 20 incline pushups, 20 dips, various ab exercises

Run #2: 7 min

Station 2A) 3 sets of leg work, moving uphill: 10-20 lunges (R + L = 1), alternating w/ 20-40 reverse squats, using a different lunge type for each set: standard lunge, double-pump lunge, and deep lunge w/ glut press

Run #3: 1 min

Station 2B) 2 sets: 50 stairs, 10 pushups, 30-second plank

Run #4: 3 min

Station 3A/B) 2 sets, w/ 100 stairs + Run #5 (5 min) in-between: 15 incline pushups, 15 dips

Run #6: 12 min

Station 4) 2 sets: 10 incline pushups, 10 dips

Run #7: 9 min

Total Workout Time: 1 hr, 15 min

Total Time Running: 42 min

Total Mileage: ~ 5 miles

Total Pushups/Incline Pushups: 100 (plus a bonus set, in case I missed any)

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