Bike Wreck/Super Challenge Update

7 (1)May 9th kicked off my 10-Day Challenge Super Series. There were eight things that I wanted to practice doing more or less of, and since I couldn’t decide which one was the least difficult, I started with three challenges at once. Then upped the ante, giving myself points for however many goals I accomplished each day, keeping track of it the old school way, on paper. On my best days, I got five points! However, by the end of the first ten days, the only goal I was able to accomplish without missing a single day was 100 pushups.

Part of this is because, since my recent bicycle accident (May 4th), I’ve had a leg injury. What started as a magnificent bruise, soon developed into a palm-sized bulge where the handlebars tried to skewer my leg. But that didn’t slow me down! Not much anyway. I was still running five miles almost every day, doing tons of stairs, biking, playing kickball, and working my tail off.

Then one day, I bumped into some firefighters, running stairs at Tabor. We shared some exasperated quips as we passed each other. When I’d finished my Lower Reservoir loop (an easy/flat 5-minute run) and made it back to the Upper Reservoir, I noticed the one of the firefighters was stretching out on her own. Briefly joined her, happy to show off my awesome bruise.

“Wow, that’s a deep contusion!”

Her comrades were just finishing their last set of stairs, so I went back to pretending to mind my own business, doing pushups and dips nearby. That’s when her long blonde hair started to jog my memory. If I wasn’t mistaken… she was one of the First Responders to my epic bicycle faceplant, exactly four years ago!

Just to be sure, I asked, “Are you Audrey?”

“I am.”

“I’m Audrey too!”

Of course she remembered – we don’t meet many Audreys. She chuckled, “You and your bike accidents!”

Alas, the combo of friendly advice and google-searching left me with a pile of conflicting opinions about my leg. Time to have it checked out by a pro.

The weirdest part of my ugly boo-boo is, it doesn’t hurt much. Even so, the doctor told me to stay off it for a while (What?! Impossible!) then gave me a prescription for anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers. Welp, at least I’d be unconscious while I was immobilized. I’m scheduled for an ultrasound Wednesday, to make sure nothing is torn. After that, I’m getting back on the horse with my 10-Day Challenge Super Series. Let me know if you want to get your sweat on.

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