10-Day Freestyle Fitness Challenge

It was on a slow day in early May that I kicked off the 10-Day Challenge Super Series. Although completing the entire Super Series (8 daily goals) all at once was utterly impossible, I did learn that a few of those daily goals were within my reach: The easiest ones to nail were a hundred push-ups and five miles running.

Around the same time, I noticed Crossfit Montavilla was opening in my neighborhood. Having heard the hype, but never tried Crossfit, it piqued my curiosity. Decided to reach out and propose a trade: I’d produce a daily fitness challenge video (a la Audreality) in exchange for a few months of membership. Introduced myself and briefly explained the idea, then told them I’d follow up after they’d had time to think it over. That’s when it struck me, I should make a 10-day fitness challenge video on my own, so they can get a better idea of what I have in mind!

Now it’s been 30 days and I’ve managed to keep the momentum going continuously, granted a wee bit of wiggle room on the parameters. The five miles don’t necessarily have to be running, though they do have to be completed on foot (running is preferred). The push-ups and stairs can be reduced, especially if I’m working that day or short on time.

Without further adieu, behold: The 10-Day Freestyle Fitness Challenge, co-starring Hallie Flanagan & George Padilla. Music by George Padilla.


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