On the Road in Sayulita, Mexico

Recently returned from an adventure in Mexico! It came about because I decided to take a trip with a crush. We didn’t care where, as long as it was cheap and somewhat exotic. A gal pal who happens to be a flight attendant recommended Puerto Vallarta, so that was the initial plan. But once I’d announced it to a few friends, one of them was emphatic about adjusting the target ever-so-slightly, to a tiny town about an hour north of PVR, called Sayulita.

By the time the few months passed between booking the flights and departure, the relationship was over. I reluctantly opted to take the trip by myself.

Now that I’ve completed my first solo trip… I can say wholeheartedly, NO REGRETS! Stay tuned for the mini-series, complete with surfing, iguanas, and an explosive party with dancing/beer-chugging horses.

Watch, like, share and subscribe at YouTube.com/Audreality!

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