Filmed by Bike is Next Weekend!

Filmed by Bike is right around the corner. If you’re into bicycles and/or great cinema, this is the film festival for YOU. Even if you’re not into those things? You might be convinced once you take a gander at the spectacular films they’ll be screening. And it’s not JUST films. There’s an array of events and activities to explore. Personally? I’m looking forward to the mural ride. I also like the filmmaker brunch!

One thing’s for sure, when one of my films screened at Filmed by Bike last year, I was blown away at the top-notch movies I shared the theater with. It was an honor to be a part of it. In case you missed out, here’s the Audreality episode they included as part of their Locals Only program:

I didn’t submit this year, but I did volunteer to be a Filmed by Bike Ambassador! It’s official! Check out my Filmed by Bike ambassador profile here. I’ll be hosting the afterparty on closing night, hope to see you there.

Filmed by Bike is May 17-19, 2019 at Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon: 72 films, events, bike rides, visiting filmmakers, parties & MORE!

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