Grumpy Old Man Calls Cops on Himself

There’s a wooded path that separates my neighborhood from a busy strip of commerce. I’ve used this trail since the early 90s; It’s one of my most efficient routes to get home.

The other night, there was a downed tree blocking the path. I moved it to the side and proceeded on my way. A day later, the tree was back! So I moved it again. This was no accident, someone was trying to erase this trail.

The next day, got a notification from the Nextdoor app that caught my eye. It happened to be from one of the neighbors at the bottom of the trail:

Soon, the thread disappeared. Not before I chimed in once more, something about how his big old truck undoubtedly causes more erosion than mere human footsteps.

At the foot of the path, there were two Portland Police vehicles. The officers were chatting amongst themselves, and my angry neighbor was nowhere in sight.

“Is this about the Nextdoor post?”

They said they hadn’t heard of the post previously, but yes. Chuckles. So this guy called the cops… on himself?!

“Does he understand that he can’t block off that path?”

“He does now.”

Anyway, just in case he goes berserk (or if Portland Police never got copies of the original post), here ya go.


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