Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride (2019)

This year at Naked Bike Ride I ate a bunch of psychedelic mushrooms, which resulted in a near-complete disinterest in operating any of my digital devices. The shrooms also made me hyper-aware of everyone’s discomfort being on camera, especially now that I had a rig mounted on the front of my bike, shooting in 360/virtual reality. However! I did still manage to gather a wee bit of traditional video content before opting to relax and become fully immersed in the scene. Haven’t even started editing my 360 footage yet, but here’s what I put together from the standard variety.

Special thanks to Coalition Brewing for providing several cases of their signature CBD-infused IPA for the pre-funk party! Kudos also to the band at the WNBR starting location, MarchFourth, and to Bitches of the Sun, who played the intro track. (Recorded live in concert, naturally.) Behold! Portland’s 2019 World Naked Bike Ride:

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