Need for Legal Weed. Not Steed!

Thursday, a gal-pal persuaded me to venture out into the World. She had one party tip, but it was much too early; prefunking was required. Else I’d lose my motivation and go to bed early with a book.

Or so I threatened… Continue reading “Need for Legal Weed. Not Steed!”

Run for Your Life!

I was born to run. It didn’t occur to me in elementary school, when I was consistently one of the fastest kids in my grade (behind only the fastest boy).  It didn’t occur to me in middle school, when I won my first race, setting a local record in the 800 meter run.  It certainly didn’t occur to me in high school, where despite being one of the brightest cross country stars in the state – right out of the gate – I quit running when I left Catlin Gabel. As a senior in high school, I became a single … Continue reading Run for Your Life!