McChrystal Puts Ignorance on Blast

Riding bus 15 to a 1 o’clock tea appointment, the mind was a whirl with possibilities.  I’d been looking forward to this meeting for at least a week.  And, even surpassing my expectations, it was none short of divine. Continue reading “McChrystal Puts Ignorance on Blast”

Bok-Bok…Who’s There?

Since Violet’s at outdoor school, caring for the chickens is left to me.  There’s almost nothing to it; give them some grain, change the water…that’s basically it.  But each morning, even before I arrive, they’re watching.  Such curious birds, our chickens seem to wait with eager anticipation for what is surely the most excitement around the coop all day. Their names are Flora and Althea.  They’re both lovely, with pretty patterned black and white feathers, but Flora’s feathers boast a greenish poof for a tail and she has floppy red skin under her chin where the other bird does not.  … Continue reading Bok-Bok…Who’s There?