McChrystal Puts Ignorance on Blast

Riding bus 15 to a 1 o’clock tea appointment, the mind was a whirl with possibilities.  I’d been looking forward to this meeting for at least a week.  And, even surpassing my expectations, it was none short of divine. Continue reading “McChrystal Puts Ignorance on Blast”

Breaking Down False Monagamy

Smack in the dawning age of hyper-socialization, we are bearing witness to at least one dramatic paradigm shift, from false monogamy to a much more dynamic compartmentalization of relationships. Don’t be offended if you have one of those sacred partnerships that it seems everyone yearns for.  You have everything in the world, plus someone to walk lock-step with for the rest of your life – good on ya. But those sorts of relationships are relatively few and far between.  What we see instead is a frequent variation of broken marriages and co-dependencies that include complimentary and/or paired sets of weakness.  … Continue reading Breaking Down False Monagamy